Wow, were these photos hard to pick!  For every photo that ended up here on the blog, I swear there were at least 10 others I wanted to post – it was just that good of a wedding.  Here was the beginning of the day:



I had the great pleasure of seeing Annie Siu‘s gorgeous flower creations again – she has such an incredible asthetic taste and ability to match her designs to each couple’s unique style… I highly recommend checking her out!  The two pieces in the cathedral and everything at reception that shows up later on is hers as well…



When all the girls were ready, we went out on the streets of downtown, where they truly lived up their Vogue time!


Meantime, my second shooter Sapasorn had taken the groomsmen (and one groomswoman 😉 ) on the streets too, just a couple of blocks away…


Then onto the church for the full Catholic mass, with the impressive backdrop that St. Peter & Paul’s Cathedral offers:





As always, the flower girls just kill me!









After the portraits we took outside the church, I headed with just Debbie and Ryan for some time in North Beach.  It was SUCH a treat to see them slightly shy at first, but almost immediately start to get right into the flow of the hustle and bustle of that area, people and cars and noise everywhere.  By the end of our session, they were seasoned pro models!  They’d had dozens of people cheering them on, clapping for them, honking and waving at them, and they were positively glowing from their time in the limelight!  SO much fun…