(To see the photos of the wedding click here and for photos of the engagement click here!)

I’m so happy to get some of Bernadette & Allan’s wedding photos up!  I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself shooting at Cornerstone Gardens for the first time – what an amazing location for a wedding!  I could have easily spent hours photographing in there… It’s like being in a vibrant art museum, only outdoors and with all the art consisting of beautifully landscaped gardens.  Some abstract, some political, most highly surreal… Definitely a visual feast!  I think one of my favorite moments of the day was during my portrait time with Bernadette & Allan, when we popped into one “garden” (no plants in sight! 😉 ) that I hadn’t noticed earlier, with a bunch of shiny silver tinsel pieces, each one with a person’s written prayer or wish on it, hanging from a metal sculpture.  I had this wonderful couple stand in the middle of all the tinsel flying around in the wind that had picked up at this point, and with no planning whatsoever, the piece of tinsel that flies into focus right in front of my lens says “I wish to find a loving man”.  Well, Bernadette sure did with Allan!

(Wedding Pictures click here – for Engagement Pictures click here!)