So happy to finally post some photos from Wendy & Matt’s Allied Arts Guild wedding – such a beautiful and sweet venue for such a beautiful and sweet couple!  Wendy’s a nurse, and got referred to me by a bride I photographed last year who is also a nurse.  By random chance, the bride from the wedding that’s posted here before hers, Megan, is also a nurse, referred to me by yet a different bride who is a nurse.  And then I just recently delivered an album to yet another unrelated bride who is a nurse… So apparently, I’m totally on a roll here and if you are a nurse and getting married, you *really* need to call me! 😉  (Matt, by the way, is a chemist at Stanford, in case you want to send chemist grooms my way too!)

But really the best thing I can say about Wendy and Matt is what they said about themselves… on hand-made pens.  They had many super-cute favors made for the reception, including mini Chinese food take-out boxes filled with M&Ms with their photos on them, and special pens for the guests to sign the guest book and take home with them.  Here’s what it said on the pens:  “Wendy & Matt    We’re Awesome”  I agree! :)