I started out in photography after moving to the U.S. from Spain at the age of 8. Armed with my first little plastic camera, I would shoot my only available models: bunnies, squirrels, pink peonies, my little sister and the occasional bird.

Over the years, as my equipment and subject matter evolved, so did my love for this craft and my understanding of what an amazing impact it could really have. Its capacity to facilitate transformation in people and literally reflect that back to them continues to fascinate me.

I am a celebrator of people, of love, and of positive evolution, and my art is in service to that. My photos capture the essence, the authentic beauty, and the uniqueness inherent in each person or couple. As an agent of transformation who happens to be holding a camera, I am not just a photographer, and I know your wedding is not just a party.

I also know that your big day will never happen again. My years of experience and thorough technical knowledge ensure that everything important to you that day will be captured and shine through your photos as unique works of art for years to come.